Validate me


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to be liked.

In fact, I don’t think there is anyone, anywhere that really doesn’t want to be liked.

Even the most insane want to be revered.

Last week, I asked people to validate me through this blog.

They did.

And it felt wicked.

Clicking ‘Like’ allows instant validation.

People like what I have to say.

They like my photo.

My status about the train being a nightmare.

The social web has accelerated an age old process of gaining validation from peers.

People can now choose who they appear to be. What picture they paint with their photos, comments and shares allows the crafting of the person you want to be perceived as.

I’ve always believed that to be liked, you must first like yourself.

I think this is largely as people don’t want to be reminded of traits they may also possess, but choose to ignore.

Boring people. Ever wondered if someone thought you were boring?

So we like fun, outgoing, interesting people.

They make us feel better about ourselves.

To like yourself doesn’t mean to like everything about you. That’s called arrogance.

Rather to accept that you don’t like it all, but accept you’re still worthwhile.

There’ll always be those dark moments. That time where you don’t know if really you’re just useless. A fraud waiting to be ousted.

But that’s all they are, dark moments.

Face them head on and get back into some light.

Right now, we’re working towards finding out if people like our business.

There are those dark moments now. Those times where you wonder if you’re just delusional.

Perhaps I’m wasting my time – but I don’t believe that.

For this to work, we need the business to be validated.

For people to like it.

Then to pay us for it.

We don’t know all about it yet, it’s new. It will change and grow, just like us.

But, we start by believing.

We believe we can make a difference.

We believe we’re worth talking to.

Then we see.

We’ll talk to people. Share our ideas. See what they think. They may like it, they may not.

If people don’t, we’ll change parts until they do. We will try to understand if they don’t. Maybe they’re not the kind of business we want to like it.

Just like some people not being the ones whose opinions you care about.

It’s a difficult filter.

I don’t see this as being different to how people change.

Accepting there are aspects you don’t like. Understanding there are aspects others may not like. Choosing which to keep and which to lose.

At the core, you’re you.

At the core of this business, is us.

Having the company validated will, in a large way, validate us. The decisions we’ve made.

There are some things you shouldn’t change. The things that make you, you. Deciding which is which is part of learning who you are. Who you want to be.

No different to a start-up, learning how to be a business.

Believe you’re worthwhile as you are.

Grow and change around your core.

I believe the business is worthwhile.

Finding our core and first changes is our first big challenge.

Hopefully we’ll get an invite to the party.

Thanks for reading.


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