10 Reasons Why Dating Is Like Sales



When the analogy was first put to me, I wasn’t too sure.

How on earth was sales like dating? Or pulling? Or getting a girl?

But now it makes more sense. The more I do it (no pun intended) the more I can see that in principle, being successful at sales must be approached in the same way should you wish to pursue a successful dating strategy.


 1. It’s all about the numbers

Both phone numbers and volume. Finding who you need to speak to and getting their contact details is the starting point of any successful sale and of course, the prerequisite in a successful dating strategy.

Finding the right person to talk to is a numbers game. Just like there are those with boyfriends, or up their own arse, similarly, decision makers fall into similar categories.

There are those decision makers who have been made to believe it’s the best they’re ever going to have.

And those that just can’t bear the thought of the unknown without them.

There are those that are single but think they’re way out of your league.

And the ones’ that just aren’t ready for a relationship right now.

You’ve got to sift through the no’s for that yes.

A steely determination is required. You will get that yes.

NB – the age-old sales phrase of ‘it’s not a no, it’s a not yet’ should probably not be applied to dating. When they say no, it means no. Gentlemen and free men take note.


2. Peaking their interest

It’s probably not your designer t-shirt.

Nor your badly styled hair.

Or your abysmal chat up lines.

The thing we’re looking for here is a genuine mutual interest.

Dating me, buying my products/services provides us both with mutual interest.

You’re not looking to seal the deal here. Unless what your selling is a one night stand job, you want these people to be with you for a long time. The longer the better. So don’t get in a rush to get your boxers off too fast.


3. The first date

Get them sat down. Have a coffee. Share what you can bring. Smile.

You’ve got to have the mutual connection. Just as you want her to be thinking about you long after you’re gone, if the conversation goes colder than your filter coffee it’s probable they won’t be calling you anytime soon.

Don’t talk marriage proposals, long term plans. You’ve got vision but you’re not a bunny boiler. You care, just not so much that you look desperate.


4. Are we meant to be?

That first inkling. Probably shortly after the first date.

Do we like the same things?

Are we looking for 2.4 children or a 10:1 ROI?

Are you a complete tosser?

You’ll start to know. And if you know now, where is it going to be in 6 months?

Saying we’re just not going to work out is important if you’re going to give a healthy relationship a chance.

No matter how tempting it may be, if they’re going to be more hard work than reward where is it really going?


5. (Not) Waiting for the text

Playing hard to get is one thing. Sealing the deal is another. Pick up the phone.

Remind them why you met, why you care and most importantly how much you’d like to see them again.


6. I’m the one for you

You might have to fight off some contenders for your targets affection.

Don’t compete on their level. Raise the game and be the bigger man. They’ll love it.


7. We’re meant to be

Find similarities in your goals and ambitions. Together we can achieve them.

Share your dreams and they’ll share theirs.

After all, we’re in it together.


8. Are you big enough?

Here’s the kicker.

Some people might want you to have that magic number.

The one high enough to have enough experience, but low enough to care.

Others might want to make sure you’ve got what it takes to satisfy their needs long term.

Depending on the person, you’re going to have to keep your numbers close to your chest and make sure they feel they’re the only one, or help them understand you’re good enough to keep them happy.


9. Give and take

No one wants a one and done. Prove that you’re in it for the long term.

We’re going to help each other… forever…

Besides, a relationship has to be mutually beneficial for it to succeed.

If one party is having all the fun, you’re going to see the door soon.


10. Prove it

Crunch time. You’ve got in between the sheets. It’s game time. Get it going and prove your worth. If it’s an outright flop (in both cases) there will be a swift exit, bedroom door to the left.

Keep those prying eyes at bay. You value them more than they can imagine. Listen. Listening is your key skill throughout the process.


And there you have it. Sales is like dating.

Here’s to a happy marriage.

Or in the case of sales – many happy wives and minimal divorces.

How’s your ‘dating’ going?

Thanks for reading.




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